Catch a Basketball game at UAB this Winter

Source: UAB Blazers via Facebook

You don't have to look far to find something interesting to do this winter. There are plenty of great things scheduled to take place during the upcoming events. One of the experiences you should add to your to-do list this winter is making time to catch a University of Alabama-Birmingham basketball game, preferably one men's and one women's game. You'll have … [Read more...]

Want to Grab Some Party Decorations But Short on Cash? Here Are Some DIY Ideas


It's nearly the party season and if you want to be the host instead of the guest for a change, consider throwing a bash inside our Birmingham, AL apartments! There's no need to spend a lot of money on a social shindig, because it's possible to do it on a budget with the right tips. The following DIY party decorations are purse-friendly and can be used … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Crafty at the Birmingham Public Library

Source: Birmingham Public Library

Reading is a great way to escape the world and get lost in fantasy. Should you not be a fan of fairy-tales and fictional stories, you can bury your head in an informational or "how-to" book and learn many new things instead, so why not do this at Birmingham Public Library? This library is home to thousands of books that you can take home and use to … [Read more...]

Film Lovers Rejoice and Attend the Sidewalk Salon

Source: Sidewalk Film Festival

During winter, many of the people living at our apartments in Birmingham, AL like to relax indoors and shield themselves from the cold weather. If you're looking for an alternative way to pass the time rather than sitting on the sofa watching movies, engage in some film making fun at the Sidewalk Salon Holiday Social.   Presented by the … [Read more...]

Get Creative in Your Mayfair Kitchen This Fall With These 5 Recipes


Your Mayfair Apartment kitchen is the perfect place to whip up autumn treats. If you’d like some inspiration to get you going, please check out the delicious fall farmer’s market recipes below. Most pumpkin pie recipes call for pumpkin that originates in a can. Try the Fresh Pumpkin Pie, and you’ll never take a can opener to a can of pumpkin … [Read more...]