How to Turn Your Apartment Patio into a Flourishing Garden

patio garden

One of the wonderful things about living in an apartment is that you can have a lovely garden that's just the right size. Patio gardening is easy with containers that allow you to exercise your green thumb and creativity. Some straightforward upkeep is all that's needed to turn your patio, balcony or outdoor area into a lovely retreat. Here are a … [Read more...]

Support One of Birmingham’s Own: Trimtab Brewing

beer brew

Beer is everywhere, and beer-lovers around the world are reveling in the selection available to them. And if you're looking to support the local beer economy of your town, then you're in luck because there has been an explosion in the growth of local breweries. Luckily for Birmingham residents, there's an amazing brewery nearby that serves up some … [Read more...]

Staying Safe at Mayfair’s Sparkling Pools

Pool safety

Our apartments in Birmingham with pools is the perfect place to spend your summer days. Mayfair has two sparkling expanses of water that are ready for you to swim in on a daily basis. The pools at Mayfair are a perk of living here; however, one important thing to remember is to think about safety as your time in the water increases--especially if you … [Read more...]

Flowers are in Bloom at Birmingham’s Local Botanical Gardens

botanical gardens

Birmingham is alive with blooms. Color is sprouting and the weather continues to warm up. If you live in apartments in Birmingham, make your next outing an excursion into nature by visiting one of the cities blooming gardens. Are you a new resident to the region? If so, one way to find yourself a beautiful local garden for relaxing in Birmingham is to … [Read more...]

Visit the Birmingham Museum of Art for Free

Birmingham Museum of Art

Getting a little arts and culture doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can do it for free if you're living in apartments in Birmingham. The Birmingham Museum of Art offers free entry to everyone, making sure that the whole community is able to visit its gorgeous art and exhibits. Here's the information you'll want to have if you decide to make … [Read more...]