Use These Tips to Make Your First Day Back at Samford University Go Smoothly


Head’s up, students! The first day of school is closer than you think. Samford University classes start up on August 25, 2014. Are you ready to hit the books and make the most of your opportunities? Here are some tips to help you manage that transition smoothly and successfully. Formulate your goals. Take stock of where you are now and where you … [Read more...]

Find a Seat for Birmingham’s 16th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival


If you are a lover of everything movie-related, you should clear your schedule from August 22-24 for the 16th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival. Film fanatics from around the city and beyond will head to various venues throughout the metro area to watch screenings, so why not join them? Everyone is talking about this hoopla, which unites filmmakers and … [Read more...]

Stay Safe from the Birmingham Heat During Your Workout


Spring time is a great time for fitness fanatics. After a long winter, it is nice to take the workout outside, and off the treadmill. As spring becomes summer, it can sometimes get a little too hot outside for a safe, effective workout. Taking the summer off and losing your important gains should not be an option. Instead, follow these tips to keep cool … [Read more...]

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances is Easier Than You Think


When you move into a luxury Birmingham apartment you will need to take on the role of housekeeper, because your apartment won't keep itself clean! However, the properties at the Mayfair community are designed with stainless steel appliances, which is one of the easiest metals to maintain. Forget about rolling up your sleeves and breaking a sweat … [Read more...]

Keep Your Pup Safe and Cool During the Birmingham Summer


Animals love exploring the great outdoors, not only because it gives them a sense of freedom but also because it allows them to have a sniff, do their business and socialize with other four-legged friends! When you rent our pet-friendly luxury Birmingham apartments, you can stroll to nearby off-leash areas with ease. Although an enjoyable season, hot … [Read more...]